Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reason for More Frequent Massage

No one denies the pleasure of massage . In addition to loosen tense muscles , massage is also beneficial to increase blood flow and reduce stress . But it's not just the benefits of massage . There are many other reasons why we should more often take the time to massage .

1 . Reducing pain
Study in 2011 found that massage can help people who suffer from lower back pain feel better function . Even mentioned , massage has the same powerful effect as other therapies , such as acupuncture , exercise , meditation , or yoga . They also admitted to suffering from osteoarthritis joint pain was reduced after a massage .

2 . Sleep more soundly
Massage is the most enjoyable way to treat insomnia. People who are regularly massaged usually have a good night's sleep and more experienced in the bedroom .

3 . Strengthening the immune system
A research shows that massage will improve the immune system . Even massage for 45 minutes resulted in a change in mind and lymphocyte white blood cells that protect the body in charge of infectious germs .

4 . Increased focus
By the time the exam , try doing massage for improving focus and thinking ability .

5 . Beneficial for cancer patients
Among cancer patients who receive cancer treatment , they are also massaged feel the positive benefits , including a more relaxed , restful sleep , reduced fatigue , and reduce nausea .

6 . Reduces headaches
The power of touch was also felt they were often suffer from headaches . A study says , routinely perform massage on the back and neck to reduce the frequency of headaches .
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7 . Reducing stress
Modern life is busy and fast paced makes us more prone to stress if you can not keep up . Relieve the tension of mind with relaxing massage session . If done regularly , levels of the hormone cortisol, which triggers stress can be reduced .


Spider - Man Represent the Most Human

I choose to love with Spider man than any other marvel heroes is because for me Spider Man represents the most human . He has advantages but also no rule has flaws, just like us ordinary mortals . In contrast to the " superhero " that is so " super " without any defects . Spider Man taught us a lot of positive things .

If we look in the first Spider Man movie sequel , featuring the figure of Peter is plain and shy , who do not dare to express his feelings to Mary , because she respects his feelings Hary . It is also a lesson for us to learn to appreciate and respect or empathize with others . This is important , because today we see that the value of empathy has been much reduced , eroded from ourselves as social beings .
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Then if we look at the second and third sequel we can see , where Hary finally know that Peter that resulted in his father died. However , the films are also taught us , to learn to forgive , as shown Hary to Peter . Although initially hary revenge against Peter , but when he realized the error of his father , then he is not ashamed to admit and apologize to Peter . Even when Peter defended his friend had been killed nearly Sand Man and Black Spider .

Finally , I will outline why I love back Spider Man , because he is an ordinary person who tried to be consistent , accept his destiny as the destroyer of evil in the world , and the obligation to defend innocent human beings and oppressed . And ideally it is our duty as well as social human beings on this earth .

That became my current question , is there someone like Spider Man in our country terinta : Indonesian ?


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Staying in graves as Not Able to Pay housing

Have adequate housing , is still a dream for a handful of people in Jakarta . Instead of occupying a comfortable home , a place they choose to live in a common grave .

Musliha ( 72 ) was forced to stay in the tomb because it was unable to pay rent . He can not make a living and rely on his own .

"Want not want to stay here . Problem is that the contract was baseball capable . Contracts Rp 300,000 per month , would pay using what ? " Musliha said living in TPU Cipinang Big , Big Cipinang South , East Jakarta , told City News , recently .

Musliha live alone . For daily needs are typically met by her only son married . " My son usually like to give the money to me every few days . Been married so he does not live with me , " he said .

Previously , Musliha was contracted at a cost of Rp 400,000 per month . He had worked as a housekeeper dealer . After the accident that caused his left leg was injured , he had trouble move .

"It's difficult if you want to nowhere. So , yes everyday here alone . If sleeping so stay titles carpet , eat buy in the shop , when in public toilets , " said Musliha .


At the cemetery tomb dozens of people meet , especially Chinese tomb . They reside on top of the tombs . Makammu , my palace . That said those who live there . Residing on the tomb along with dozens of other people , like their private homes .

Generally use a form of Chinese tomb roof . Some use the pillars , even using marble . They use it to inhabit . The tomb shape can give comfort , to protect from the sun or rain .

Simply hold the base to sleep , they are able to enjoy the night , despite the cold hard they avoid . The tomb they regard as the rented house , without having to pay .

Some household items such as dishes , glasses , and the mattress seemed to be on top of the tomb . The ropes they spread from tomb to tomb to be a place to hang their clothes .

Keep tomb

Iyan ( 37 ) , who also lived in the tomb , the tomb guard claimed to work . According to the everyday man as scavengers that there are 13 tombs dijag and treated .

" I cut the grass and clean the biasnaya grave . Tomb Of the 13 , I could be USD 700,000 , " he said .

Iyan stay in the tomb since 2007 . Previously he lived in Pedati shopping overhang , Djatinegara .

" I used to be with his wife and two children live in the cart mulung . Pas of 2007, I saw this tomb , I invite them to try to stay here , " he said .

At that time , Iyan look pretty decent tomb building is occupied . What is important for him to be protected from heat and rain .

Initially , he and his family felt scared . Once a week they are accustomed . Not only that , the chill of the night is also a problem for him when sleeping in the tomb . He also tried to get used to . More importantly , Iyan not need to pay the rent .
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" Here we do not need to pay the rent . Instead of contract can be up to Rp 400,000 per month . Said the undertaker , which is important not carry a lot of stuff here . And baseball may be dirty , " he said .


7 Stocks Blue Chip 's Potential Gains

Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) is expected to be in the range of 4879-4888 support and resistance 4910-4917 .

JCI doji star pattern above the middle Bollinger band ( MBB ) . MACD histogram is still negative sloping moving shortened . RSI , Stochastic , and William 's % R trying to survive in the upside trend .

In his research, the Trust Securities Research Head Reza Priyambada explained several options on stocks trading week welcomed initial , Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .
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1 . PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) Rp4.975 - Rp5.175 . Hammer MBB approach . Stochastic is still moving up . Maintained buy over above Rp5.025 .

2 . State Savings Bank Tbk ( BBTN ) Rp1.330 - Rp1.430 . Bearish Harami in the upper Bollinger band ( UBB ) . Trade sell if Rp1.355 failed to survive .

3 . PT Gudang Garam Tbk ( GGRM ) Rp49.375 - Rp50.850 . Morning star at MBB . RSI rebounded . Maintained buy over above Rp50.550 .

4 . The PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk ( INDF ) 7,000 - Rp7.325 . Separaing lines under the MBB . MACD try golden cross . Maintained buy over above Rp7.150 .

5 . PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk ( TLKM ) Rp2.300 - Rp2.345 . Dragonfly doji hold above MBB . Maintained buy over above Rp2.320 .

6 . PT Global Mediacom Tbk ( BMTR ) Rp2.095 - Rp2.150 . Tweezers bottom in the lower Bollinger band ( LBB ) . Trading for over Rp2.120 buy .

7 . PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk ( AALI ) Rp27.350 - Rp28.525 . MFI and RSI approaching UBB last ride . Maintained buy over above Rp28.325 .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Problem Evaluation Ical, Golkar: speech Later Only

Dynamics of Golkar Party continues to roll . Insistence that the Chairman of Bakrie ( Ical ) exchange withdraw from the presidential candidate was sticking out of friendship forums DPD II in Indonesia .

In response, the Deputy Chairman of the Golkar Party 's internal Laksono asked not to make a noise when the political process ahead of the presidential election takes place . Because no official forums that will accommodate all aspirations of the cadre Rapimnas on 3rd May.

" The leadership of the party at any level of the Golkar Party , speaks at a forum later Rapimnas . Rather than cause a scene, " he said , Jumatt ( 18/4 ) .

He said , all the aspirations of the cadre will be collected and discussed in rapimnas . Even though all cadres are entitled to express their opinions and thoughts to the public .

But , he said , should also be remembered that it does not harm the opinion of Golkar . " We respect people 's right to speak . , But do not make noise . Ahead discourse ," he said .

According to him , until now pencapresan Ical still a party decision and there has been no change . If it was going to be evaluated , it should be done through the proper forum .
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While the coalition , said the Court , is still not getting the appropriate standard formula . That is , a coalition of political communication is not complete and is still being done . " There is still time searching for the best for the party . Vice presidential Problem was nantilah after May 3 , " she said .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There's too late because KRL Repair Rail, Passenger degree Blockade Action

HBO Lanjutkan Serial Game of Thrones
Pecinta serial "Game of Thrones" boleh bernafas lega. Presiden HBO Programming Michael Lombardo belum lama ini mengumumkan HBO akan melanjutkan serial produksi orisinalnya itu dengan dua musim terbaru, lima dan enam.

Saat ini, serial garapan Executive Producer David Benioff ("X Men Origins", "Troy") dan D.B. Weiss ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") ini tengah memasuki musim keempat yang baru tayang perdana di HBO Asia akhir pekan lalu.
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"'Game of Thrones' adalah sebuah fenoma yang berbeda. David Benioff dan D.B. Weiss, ditambah kolaborasi talenta mereka, yang kian luar biasa membuat kami menanti lebih banyak lagi tutur cerita mereka yang memukau," ujar Michael dalam siaran pers yang diterima Tribunnews.com.

Tidak disebutkan kapan musim terbaru tersebut mulai diproduksi dan ditayangkan.
Diangkat dari buku serial fantasi terlaris karya George R.R. Martin, serial pemenang Emmy ini menceritakan perseteruan beberapa "house" atau kerajaan di benua Westeros untuk memperebutkan kekuasaan.

Di Indonesia, "Game of Thrones" tayang setiap Minggu, pukul 21.00 WIB di kanal HBO dan HBO HD.


Three AP Build Skyscraper

Reuters corporate environment (KG) in Palmerah, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta will be surrounded by three towers of a skyscraper.

The three towers each have 18, 27 and 50 floors. The two towers are in the field or behind the Orange heralds Culture Jakarta, a tower right next to the BBJ currently used as building advertising Compass.

While the building has 50 floors will be built behind the building Compass today.

Interestingly, the building is constructed emphasizes the unique shape and very energy efficient. For the first phase of construction is expected to be completed tower 1 next year to coincide with the anniversary of the Kompas daily.

AP CEO Supreme Adiprasetyo stated, the building forms a simple reflection that would like to invite all employees to grow together.
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"There needs to be a sign indicates the company is growing and developing well guarded. So there must be 50 years of age who can show something that is seen.